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Elevenpeaks Socialization begins at birth and continues until they are delivered to your family. Puppy Party with Heidi

American Bulldog Puppies

Elevenpeaks Socialization begins at birth and continues until they are delivered to your family. Our daughters handle our pups daily and maintain the females who are in whelp. When your puppy arrives at your home it will already be used to handling by small children and you can expect a well adjusted pup for your family.

American Bulldog Pups socialization

American Bulldog Puppy training


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Akbash Dog

Breed Description

The Akbash dog is among of the oldest of the flock-guarding group. They are powerful, and weigh 90 pounds for the females, 120 pounds for the males. The average female is 28-34 inches tall, and 28-34 inches for a typical male Akbash.


The Akbash Dogs have long, smooth, double coat. Their coats are thick, with fringing. Akbash coats have two varieties: a medium-haired with flat, sleek coat, and a long-haired with heavy, wavy coat and feathered lion-like "ruff" around their necks. Both varieties are non-matting, weather resistant, and have little dog-like odor.

A typical Akbash Dog is white all over. They are light biscuit on the ridge line, or on the ears. Undercoat coloration is acceptable.


The Akbash Dog's activity is low, yet they are also extremely athletic. They need a long walk daily and a fenced yard where they can play freely. They require at least a quarter of an acre of space where they can run unleashed. Two hours of free play every day keeps them mentally and physically happy. The typical Akbash tends to be less active when on a leash, yet although they may enjoy the exercise, they will get less out of it than they could in an open environment. So, always keep in mind that leash exercises are less important for this kind of breed. They should only be relied on when their play area is temporarily unavailable.


Akbash Dogs are popular for their intelligence, loyalty, and bravery. Although they are not hostile by nature, they make good guard dogs since they are usually not personable with humans. They can be a great companion dogs, too, if trained properly. Their breed is known to be independent, and may think they are better than their handlers during training.


The Akbash Dog is a powerful and dedicated dog. They are natural guardians, and their independent nature enables them to respond gracefully in an emergency. Their protective instincts are ideal for home and estate guardians. They tend to be strongly attached with their owners and other animals, and may display sensitivity unlike other breeds.


Akbash dog's coats are non-matting, inodorous, so little grooming is required. They shred more than the average, so constant brushing may be needed.

This type of breed has an average life expectancy of 10-11 years. They are known to be very healthy, but cases of dysplasia have been noted, so it is essential for potential owners to purchase an Akbash from an OFA hip certified stock.


Akbash dog is naturally independent, and is expected to hesitate when given commands by their handlers. They may need intensive training and constant socialization if kept as companion. This type of breed does well in basic training, but is not befitting for advanced obedience training. As with other breed of dogs, they are trained best with firm, consistent, and fair handling.


The Akbash Dogs are primal guard dogs that need dedicated, sensitive, and knowledgeable owners. They are a working breed, and guardians to the livestock they tend. They are loyal to their owners and flock, and works best in an environment where they can be of great use. A trained Akbash dog makes great companion, as long as they are constantly surrounded by their families. Akbash Dogs can be good with infants due to their maternal instincts, and will risk their lives to protect their families and flocks.

American Bulldog Puppies for Sale

American Bulldog Studs

Our Past stud Elevenpeaks Simon 120 pounds of handsome. Simon died January 2010 at the age of ten. We have frozen his sperm and plan on using him again in the future with one of his great grandaughters.

Elevenpeaks Simon

American Bulldog Elevenpeaks Simon

Elevenpeaks Samson 150 pounds and is thought to be the largest american bulldog ever to exist.

American Bulldogs Elevenpeaks Samson

Elevenpeaks Samson died in our yard April 2008 RIP Buddy we are better for having you as a member of our family

American Bulldogs Elevenpeaks Samson

Coming soon !! The Martin Mosa Mastiff a true Canadian work of art.

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