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Elevenpeaks Socialization begins at birth and continues until they are delivered to your family. Puppy Party with Heidi

American Bulldog Puppies

Elevenpeaks Socialization begins at birth and continues until they are delivered to your family. Our daughters handle our pups daily and maintain the females who are in whelp. When your puppy arrives at your home it will already be used to handling by small children and you can expect a well adjusted pup for your family.

American Bulldog Pups socialization

American Bulldog Puppy training


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Alaskan Malamute

Breed Description

The Alaskan Malamute is basically a large breed of local dogs genuinely bred to be an Alaskan sled dog. The average weight of a typical Maly is 85 pounds, and 25 inches tall for the males, as for the females, they weigh 75 pounds and are 23 inches tall. They are sometimes mixed up for Siberian Husky, but in reality, they are different in many ways.


The Alaskan Malamute has a very beautiful double coat. Their top coat is harsh and thick, protecting it from the most extreme weather conditions. Underneath the harsh coat is a dense, soft, oily coat. Their colors may include shades of light gray to black, as well as sables to red. The coats on their legs and muzzle are almost always white.


Alaskan Malamutes are active and full of energy. They need long walks daily, and if you have enough space they would enjoy running and playing outside all day. It is important for the owners to monitor them especially if the weather is too hot.


Extraordinarily loyal, friendly, and highly intelligent, a Maly usually matures into a quiet and calm adult. They have a friendly personality and therefore not suitable as a watch dog. They are extremely sweet and affectionate towards their master. Known for their strong prey instinct, they should be supervised when around small animals. The Maly is also great with older children who are mature enough to play with them. Thriving on companionship, a typical Alaskan Malamute is happiest as long as they are given enough attention by their families.


The Alaskan Malamute is a working breed. Although they have been used as sled dogs, they aren't as fast in the long run as huskies. Originally taught to think independently, they tend to be stubborn at times. They have impressive coats and strong overall build. Certainly makes a nice family pet for their intelligence and loyalty.


With thick, coarse coat, they should be brushed at least twice a week. Malamutes are heavy shedders, and their undercoat falls off in clumps twice a year. Bathing isn't really necessary as they shed dirt easily.

The Alaskan Malamute is known to be a tough breed. Some dogs bought from a puppy mill are noted to have health and temperamental problems. So, be careful where you purchase them. As with other large breeds, they are also prone to hip dysplasia.

It may be surprising that a Maly is a thrifty feeder and requires less food than you think. They do eat what is given of them, which leads to obesity and bloating.


The beautiful Alaskan Malamute is highly intelligent. Bred for sledding, they are known to be independent, but stubborn. Although they may be difficult to train for formal obedience, it would be easy to train them to be well-behaved as they love to please. Proper socialization and obedience training at a very young age are imperative for Malamutes.


Most Malamutes are relatively quiet dogs. They are affectionate, loyal, yet have a mind of their own. Their friendliness and intelligence surely makes them a great family pet.

American Bulldog Puppies for Sale

American Bulldog Studs

Our Past stud Elevenpeaks Simon 120 pounds of handsome. Simon died January 2010 at the age of ten. We have frozen his sperm and plan on using him again in the future with one of his great grandaughters.

Elevenpeaks Simon

American Bulldog Elevenpeaks Simon

Elevenpeaks Samson 150 pounds and is thought to be the largest american bulldog ever to exist.

American Bulldogs Elevenpeaks Samson

Elevenpeaks Samson died in our yard April 2008 RIP Buddy we are better for having you as a member of our family

American Bulldogs Elevenpeaks Samson

Coming soon !! The Martin Mosa Mastiff a true Canadian work of art.

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