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Elevenpeaks Socialization begins at birth and continues until they are delivered to your family. Puppy Party with Heidi

American Bulldog Puppies

Elevenpeaks Socialization begins at birth and continues until they are delivered to your family. Our daughters handle our pups daily and maintain the females who are in whelp. When your puppy arrives at your home it will already be used to handling by small children and you can expect a well adjusted pup for your family.

American Bulldog Pups socialization

American Bulldog Puppy training


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American Bulldog

Breed Description

The American Bulldog is often referred as the Old Country Bulldog, symbolizing devotion, grit, and true love. There are two types of American Bulldog: (a) the Classic or the Johnson type which has a shorter muzzle, but relatively larger and; (b) the Standard, or the Scott type. The present-day American Bulldog has more massive build, with the mixture of Johnson type and the Scott type. The female American Bulldog weighs 60-100 pounds while male weighs about 75-125 pounds. Female generally are about 20-25 inches tall, and the male around 22-27 inches standing.


American Bulldog has a short and harsh close fitting coat. An average shedder, their color is solid white, with several combinations and patterns of brindle, brown, red, and tan.


The American Bulldog requires frequent exercise. As one of the working breeds, they love it when they are given tasks to accomplish. They appreciate playing with family members and roaming around the yard. Owners should keep in mind that this kind of breed should be exercised at least an hour daily to release their bottled up energy. Even if you keep them indoors, long regular walks everyday with playtime around family members are sufficient to keep them happy.


The American Bulldog is alert, self-confident, and naturally not hostile. They love children, and is known to be fearless especially in protecting their master. Enough physical and mental exercise daily is what they need to keep them calm, as they tend to be hard to handle if not given sufficient activities. With strong guarding instinct, American Bulldogs are very protective of their masters. Typically friendly, devoted, and loyal, they are known to be aggressive towards other dogs they were not raised with.


Considered to be a nearly extinct breed, the American Bulldog is very versatile, devoted, and friendly. This breed is a loving family pet, good with children and other pets they were raised with. They are confident, agile, and fearless. They will not hesitate to attack any threat towards their owners.


The American Bulldog is easy to groom. Constant brushing with a firm-bristled brush would help diminish loose hair. Using a mild shampoo, bathing should be done only when necessary. They are a fairly healthy breed, although they may be prone to hip dysplasia.


Owners should be focused in training American Bulldog. It takes time, effort, and dedication to properly train this kind of breed. An hour a day of attention is enough, but make sure you have sufficient energy and time for them. Although they are highly intelligent and confident, they are known to misbehave easily and become very protective. Fair, consistent, and firm kind of training works best for this breed.

Housebreaking this breed is challenging and should be started at the earliest possible. Creating a daily routine makes them comfortable around the surroundings, and developing it might take around six months. Once they get trained, owners are required to maintain the routine to keep American Bulldogs happy and secure.


Strong, agile, and athletic, the American Bulldog is capable of jumping heights of 6 feet or more. They are powerful, muscular, fearlessly determined, and have been known to do heroic deeds for their masters.

American Bulldog Puppies for Sale

American Bulldog Studs

Our Past stud Elevenpeaks Simon 120 pounds of handsome. Simon died January 2010 at the age of ten. We have frozen his sperm and plan on using him again in the future with one of his great grandaughters.

Elevenpeaks Simon

American Bulldog Elevenpeaks Simon

Elevenpeaks Samson 150 pounds and is thought to be the largest american bulldog ever to exist.

American Bulldogs Elevenpeaks Samson

Elevenpeaks Samson died in our yard April 2008 RIP Buddy we are better for having you as a member of our family

American Bulldogs Elevenpeaks Samson

Coming soon !! The Martin Mosa Mastiff a true Canadian work of art.

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