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Elevenpeaks Socialization begins at birth and continues until they are delivered to your family. Puppy Party with Heidi

American Bulldog Puppies

Elevenpeaks Socialization begins at birth and continues until they are delivered to your family. Our daughters handle our pups daily and maintain the females who are in whelp. When your puppy arrives at your home it will already be used to handling by small children and you can expect a well adjusted pup for your family.

American Bulldog Pups socialization

American Bulldog Puppy training


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American Bulldog Rescue

This is Poe

I received a call late night January 2003 from a breeder about an hour form my home and was asked if I could take in a American Bulldog that was left to fend for himself in -20 degree temperature. When I arrived I found a slight male with a severe frostbite on his pads and was having difficulty walking.

This animal had been outside for several days exposed to a harsh Canadian winter and an unseasonable cold snap. Poe was taken to my home and carried to my backyard as the healing process and the rotting flesh fell from his pads.

He was unable to walk outside to relieve himself so using my strong back and weak mind we overcame the hurdle that lasted about 2 weeks. The worse thing for me was the smell of the rotting flesh; there are no words to describe the foul odor. After a couple vet visits and discovery of a bacterial infection in his ears just to add to his pain.....he came around not just in the physical but in the mental.

His injury's about one week after I began tearing apart my Aloe Vera plant with vet med's and lots of love.
This white dog was full of fire and ready to play at the drop of a dime once healed and was a pleasure to have as a guest in my home.

I am happy to say that Poe is now living with a vet assistant (not my vet) and is in a loving, happy, home.

And the after pictures......

American Bulldog Puppies for Sale

American Bulldog Studs

Our Past stud Elevenpeaks Simon 120 pounds of handsome. Simon died January 2010 at the age of ten. We have frozen his sperm and plan on using him again in the future with one of his great grandaughters.

Elevenpeaks Simon

American Bulldog Elevenpeaks Simon

Elevenpeaks Samson 150 pounds and is thought to be the largest american bulldog ever to exist.

American Bulldogs Elevenpeaks Samson

Elevenpeaks Samson died in our yard April 2008 RIP Buddy we are better for having you as a member of our family

American Bulldogs Elevenpeaks Samson

Coming soon !! The Martin Mosa Mastiff a true Canadian work of art.

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